Monday, January 17, 2011

Challenge #3: Order at a Korean Resturant without a Translator

Today my amazing husband took me on a date!  Can I rant for a moment please?  Why do married people never go on dates?  If you are married, set a "hot date night" part to your budget each month and go on dates!  It is worth every penny you spend (I promise).  Sometimes we go on coffee dates, which I like a lot.  Sometimes we go on dinner dates which I also like a lot.  Sometimes we go on order a pizza and have it delivered dates.  We also go on Take a Walk Dates, where we go for walks and talk (free!).  Do not talk about your children or work or stuff you talk about every day.  Ask introspective questions or talk about hypothetical situations (my personal favorite is what would room is on the fourth floor of your dream house?).  I would love to meet the person who told American culture to stop dating after you get married.  Dating is sooo much fun!  Why should getting married change that?  Do not tell me that you do not have time or money or whatever.  You can make time and you can go on free dates.  Okay I will stop ranting now.  Point of the rant: Go on a date with your spouse!

My amazing husband and I have finely honed our ordering skills when we are not with some one who can speak Korean.  Ready for this?  We point at something on the menu!  If there are pictures, then that is really helpful, if there are not pictures, we are surprised and try to enjoy whatever we get (this did backfire on us once).

The restaurant we went to today was delicious!  I had baked spaghetti and my hubby had pork cutlet (You can order bimimbap or sushi at the restaurant, but 5 months is a long time to go without baked pasta).  We both got a side of kimchi, soup, radish, and a salad (with mystery dressing).  Our meal all together was 14,00 won (so maybe 12.50 US dollars) AND  (this is a  big and) we got FREE dessert!  You have a choice between a scoop of ice cream or a cup of coffee.  We threw the no caffeine thing out the window and my amazing husband got a cup of coffee and I got the ice cream (we shared with each other).  Another great part about the restaurant is that it is about 5 minutes from our apartment!  I was so happy that we tried this restaurant out.  It was a success on all accounts.

Speaking of eating out, we eat with chopsticks here in Korea.  I had eaten with chopsticks once before coming to Korea.  It is really hard to use chopsticks at first, but be persistent.  If I can learn, you can learn.  Fun fact about Korea for the day: You will hear from every Korean that you eat with this dialogue: "Can you eat with chopsticks?"  (If you say no, they will reply) "Learning to use chopsticks will make you smarter."    I think I heard that sentence about 50 times in the first month we were here.  Everyone felt the need to tell me (and my amazing husband too!).  I do agree that different fine motor skills are utilized, but I am not sure that makes you smarter.  By Korean standards, if you are feeling a little on the not so smart side, pick up a pair of chopsticks for your next meal!

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  1. Good rant on date nights... we need to do one soon! The last date night we had was selling concessions at the bball game, which was ehhh fun but not so date-like.

    Just saw your workout on the dailymile widget. I did the same thing this morning!!! 4x800 w/ 800 jog. On the treadmill. I forgot what it was like to run fast. Boo.

    Can't wait to talk tonite.