Thursday, January 20, 2011

Challenge #5: Trying to finish

I try really hard to be a good wife.  I could give you a list of things that I do, but that would be boring for you.  This week on the "good wife" list I had watching my amazing husband's favorite movie (I think it is his favorite movie): Lord of the Rings.  I am a girl.  I like girl movies.  I do not like adventure movies (that is what my amazing husband calls them).  I attempted to watch this epic movie once before, but I could not get through it.  I thought that it was going to be some amazing plot line or have really great characters.  Let me tell you the whole story: good vs. evil.   Who is going to win?  duh!  Good.

Here are some characters from the movie
I do not like battle scenes at all.  I do not like to watch people fight.  Not my cup of tea (I am drinking tea right now, white peach tea.  That is my cup of tea).  So anywho, I decided that I was going to watch all of the first (of three) movie this week and like it.  I did make it through the first movie, but I am not sure I actually liked it.  I tried to be positive, but then my favorite character died.  Nevertheless, I finished watching it.  I did it.

Fun Korean culture fact: There are men who drive trucks very slowly down the street.  They sell things out of their trucks: potatoes, oranges, garlic, whatever.  Usually it just one item per the entire truck.  How do these truck men let you know that they have wonderful things to sell?  They have speakers on their trucks.  They play a chant over and over and over and over and over again.  I do not remember this street selling thing every happening in America (well there are ice cream trucks, but they play happy music and sell ice cream so that is completely different!)

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  1. I'll never forget waking up in Costa Rica to a truck proclaiming (much louder than I would prefer at 7:00 am) that there were fresh eggs to be had.

    I've also tried to like that movie. Still no luck.