Monday, January 24, 2011

Challenge #7: Motivation

I had NO motivation to go to the gym today.  Thanks to my amazing husband, I finally made it there.  (He pretty much (figuratively) dragged me kicking and screaming there) but once I got there and started going it was not too bad.

Side note: I rediscovered pecans today.  I LOVE them!  I found them at a Western grocery store and got some to top my baked sweet potatoes.  Delicious.  Do you know that when you search on the internet for how long to zap your sweet potatoes in the microwave, it tells you to use the potato button?  (I have no clue what buttons mean on our microwave...I some how doubt that they have a baked potato button).  Oh yeah, Koreans have like 3 types of potatoes.  There are normal potatoes, sweet potatoes, and then there are some in between potatoes that they call sweet potatoes (but taste like normal potatoes to me).  So far I have not seen any red potatoes.  I think I am rambling now.  Anywho, go eat some pecans.

Fun fact about Koreans today: Did you know that Korea uses the metric system?  I knew that in my head before I came, but living it everyday is a total different story.  I am constantly do conversions in my head.  Koreans have even less knowledge of the American system than I do of metric.  Here are some handy reminders in case you travel to a metric country anytime soon:

4.5 kilograms is about 10 pounds (One of my co-teachers who is smaller than me weighed 4.5 kg when she was born!)
5 kilometers is about 3 miles (or 10 km is 6.25 miles)
2.5 cm is about 1 inch (I am 173 cm and my amazing husband is 190 cm.  Koreans ask us all the time how tall we are!)
3.8 liters is about 1 gallon (this is not very helpful)

I recently discovered that my cellphone has a conversion thing on it.  So helpful.  I still try to do my mental math.  Here are some more to help you out
1000 won = $.90 US dollars (as of right now)

38 degrees Celesius is hot! (maybe 100 deg F)
24 or 25 degrees C is room temperature
5 degrees is cold!  (the temperature of my classroom when I get there in the morning)
2 degrees is optimal refrigerator temperature
and the all time famous 0 degrees C is freezing which is 32 F

-17.8 degrees Celsius is 0 degrees F

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  1. I have been eating pecans in my cereal which is mixed with yogurt!! Love them.

    Send me your motivation. I am skipping my run today. Boo. My excuse is I am working concessions for the basketball game at 5:30pm. So of course there is not enough time between when I am done with school at 3:45 and 5:30 to run. Not enough time at all. ;-) I will think of you next time, because for sure now it is too late. (Almost 5 o'clock...)

    Miss you bunches!