Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Additions :)

It is a new year and we have added some new members to our family:
Heidi is our new humidifier.  She is a cute little thing.  She is also very thirsty.  Maybe that is because she is such a hard worker.   Hopefully Heidi will help alleviate us from waking up with sore throats.

Isn't she cute?

We have also purchased a really relaxing chair to sit in!  We do not have any comfy chairs in our apartment so we were really excited about getting something comfy to sit in.  We bought some shelves at the same time as the chair because our first bookshelf is now overflowing with books.
Our chair is black instead of yellow and came with a foot rest thingy
I think getting the shelves and chair back to our apartment from Emart will be a memory that I have for a long time.  We had basically two options.  1.) Get a taxi  or 2.) Take the subway.  If we were in America we probably would have gone for the taxi option, but we are in Korea and taxi drivers do not understand us very well :)  So we took the subway, which meant we had to walk to the subway from Emart.  My amazing husband decided to carry the chair box on his head for awhile.  We have grown semi-accustomed to people staring at us whenever we are public....but I am pretty sure people stopped walking to stare at us while we were walking to the subway.  I was laughing hysterically while I followed him :)

It was one of the few times that assembly was actually easy and not too time consuming.  My amazing husband is an amazing direction-picture follower.  He did a much better job than I do when I am trying to self assemble. I just handed him stuff

 We also bought some socks.  They are sooo Korean.  My amazing husband's socks have a boy on them.  He is calling a girl (the girl is on my socks) by one of those tin can string phones.  Sooo Korean.  Koreans LOVE cute.  Our brains have been fried by cuteness since moving here. There are also T-shirts similar to this that couples wear.
I will have to try to get a better pic of them
Well guess that is new year's resolution is to run a marathon! 

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