Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenge #4: Find good tasting cupcakes

Desserts do not taste the same in Korea.  I hope that my amazing husband does not read this as he will be rolling his eyes by now.  I have been complaining about desserts since October.  I know I need to get over it, but (sigh) I like desserts and it is so sad that they do not taste good.  I like to eat cupcakes.  They are moist and delicious and cute!  Korea has completely failed me in cupcakes (and regular cakes too).  They are dry (which is the opposite of moist!).  They only have a hint of flavor.  The frosting tastes like air.  I seriously think I could have an awesome bakery here if I could get the ingredients somehow.

Anywho, we finally made a tiny bit of progress last night!  We were downtown and walked past a cupcake shop (I took a mental note).  I told myself not to get my hopes up.  We were back within a hour to try it out.  The picture below is borrowed off of some other person's blog.  It is not mine.  I did not have my camera with me.  Obviously this person was also excited about the cupcake shop as well.
The sight that greeted our eyes!  Yes the cupcakes are cute, but this is Korea.  Everything is cute
What did I see when we walked in?  Cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes there were all types: Red Velvet and a whole selection of chocolates: Chocolate Brownie, Rocky Road, Cookies n Cream. Then I spied the Caramel Macchiatos and Coffee Something (I do not remember the exact name) Plus there was blueberry and green tea.  My amazing husband was planning buying 3 or 4 cupcakes.  I was like, "hold the phone, we are buying one and seeing if it tastes good!"  (I did not say this is hushed tones.  I really hope that the people working did not know English.)  But then I was in a quandary.  What cupcake should I pick?  I finally decided on the Red Velvet.  It was piled with frosting.  All cupcakes in the store were the same price, 2,500 won (maybe $2.25 US dollars) and these cupcakes were not big.  They were miniature.

So I tried my first bite was okay.  The cupcake was dry and not infused with the flavor I thought it might be, but the frosting was IN CRED IBLE.  It tasted just like the frosting from America.  So, we decided to try the Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate brownie.  They were the same as the red velvet, cupcake bad, frosting amazing!  So I was mostly satisfied.  My poor digestive system went into sugar shock I think (:  I think we may be visiting the cupcake shop again.

Quick Korean fun fact of the day: Koreans love wearing scarves.  They call scarves mufflers (weird I know).  Everyone wears a scarf in the winter.  There are tons of little shops that specialize in selling scarves.  All they sell are scarves.  I feel like I have never encounter one of these in America.

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