Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eating and Drinking on a Long Run

This past weekend I ran 9 miles Friday after school, 18 miles Saturday mid-morning, and 3 miles on Sunday morning.  (WootWoot for a 30 miler weekend!)  A big help in getting in those 30 miles was good fuel, before, during, and after my runs.

I am still learning about proper fueling while running high mileage.  I did not even start to eat while running until last year when I was marathon training.  But this is what I have learned.  Eating and/or drinking while running helps me out.  Especially after the 90-120 minute mark.  I have also learned that the company that makes my running fuel wants to earn money, so I do not necessarily have to follow their guidelines (no offense to GU energy gels, I am just saying I don't need to consume 4 gels to run 18 miles, 2 will do just me just fine).

I think this is from here, although I kept finding a link to a link .  Anywho, good fueling helps me to crush the wall!

Running Tip Tuesday: Eating and Drinking on a Long Run
As long as you fuel properly, you will not have weird stomach cramps or need 928420398 bathroom breaks while running (I may or may not have thought this before I started).

15 minutes before a long-long run (for me this a run that will last longer than 2.5 hours): take a one or two gulps of some GU followed by a couple sips of water (I leave this opened GU packet at home and grab another unopened one to take with me - it keeps my hands/mittens cleaner while I run)

45 minutes in: sips of water (if I am thirsty)

7 miles in (somewhere around an hour or so):  take another one or two gulps of GU, followed by some water

10 miles in: more sips of water

13 miles in: more sips of water

14 miles (2+ hours): another one or two gulps of energy gel, two big gulps of water

16.5 miles: if I am feeling very fatigued then I finish off my GU packet and sip some water with it, otherwise I am focused on just finishing.

After I get home: finish off the GU packet I started before my run

Rest of the day: drink {water} like a camel

I did not start out in-taking two whole GU packets before/during/after my runs.  I started with just one and I was so scared about getting stomach cramps that I would take it on 10 milers with me and just have one small gulp after about an hour.  I really eased into it.  I also think running with a water bottle that is half Gatorade half water is a great way to get in some electrolytes but not upset your digest system too much.  (I think mixing the Gatorade in with the water helps the water to not freeze so quickly - not that I ever have frozen water bottle issues :)  )

I do have more to say on the subject, but I will refrain for the time being.  You can totally eat and drink (wisely) while running!  You can do it!

Happy Running ya'll!

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