Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A word or two {or 148} about Grace

Well it is Tuesday, which means it is time for a running tip!  I was planning on writing about incorporating drinking and eating into your long runs, but then I changed my mind.

Running Tip Tuesday: Grace, not Perfection
I took today off from running.  I normally don't take Tuesdays off {I like to take Thursdays off}.  I have run the last six days.  I have done my long runs.  But my runs have been sluggish.  I have felt mentally drained.  It is just one of "those" weeks.  I am praying for a better attitude and more motivation in the days to come.  So this week, I am giving myself some grace.  I am taking Tuesday off.  I am cooking a yummy healthy dinner and going to bed early.  And I am running tomorrow.

We strive for grace {or balance you could say} - not perfection.

Happy Running!

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