Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Window cling from my Mom
Happy Valentine's Day!  I like celebrating holidays when we are 14-16 hours ahead of America, it makes the festivities last that much longer!  We had a great Valentine's day.  Did you guess what my amazing husband made me for breakfast?  Heart shaped peanut butter pancakes!  They were delicious!  He also gave me some chocolate, gummy worms (for those long runs!), a chocolate cake to take to school (it was divine), and mocha cream bread.  I am OBSESSED with mocha cream bread. The best mocha cream bread is from Paris Baguette.  It is the most American tasting pastry I have eaten while  in Korea.  It is sliced with (I think) mocha flavored butter slathered in between the slices.  It is delicious.  I love it...

I really did try
Moving on, I walked to school and thanked God for sending us snow!  I was so happy that it was snowing.  I do not  have any classes this week, so I am just chilling at school.  Therefore I made a beautiful card for my amazing husband.  I tried to make this card, it did not turn out exactly as I thought it would, but that is my life story with arts and crafts.  After school, my amazing husband took me on a date!  We ventured downtown to Gorilla Burger (we had not been yet).  It was amazing. (Mom, if you are reading this...skip to the end)  My amazing husband had a "bomb burger".  It was burger with cheese and bacon covered in chocolate,and served between a krispykreme doughnut bun.  I had a burger with BBQ sauce (oh how I miss BBQ sauce!!!).  Although the burger tasted excellent, I do not think my stomach was as ready for American food as my taste buds were.  It was well worth the tummy-ache.

Fun Fact: Valentine's Day in Korea is a little bit different.  Only the woman is suppose to give gifts on Valentine's Day.  The man gives gifts on White Day (yes, it is really called white day).  White Day is March 14th.  I tried to explain to my teachers what Valentine's Day was like in America, but I am not sure if they really understood or not.