Wednesday, February 23, 2011

*Imagine a really cool word here*

"You should blog about it"  Potentially the first time my amazing husband has uttered this sentence.

The scene: me standing in our apartment this morning trying his fleece on (just to see if it would magically fit somehow).  My amazing husband is large or maybe extra large (he is really tall).  I am a medium or a small.  I am sure you can figure out that the fleece was not fitting.

In college I would borrow friends' clothes quite often.  I had maximum access to cuteness.  Now, I am not in college AND I have been forced to downsize my wardrobe to two suitcases worth.  Let me rant for a moment: I had to bring professional clothes for summer and winter.  I had to bring running clothes for summer and winter (yes, it is a must).  Let me state that these two hads did not leave much room in the suitcase for comfy, lounging clothes for either season.  Thank you Amazing Husband for letting me take up space in one of your suitcases for my shoes.  To say the least, I feel like I wear the same clothes ALL the time.  Clothes shopping in Korea is a whole different story.  I should blog about that some day. Thus I decided to expand my wardrobe this morning by trying on some of my amazing hubby's clothes.   Hence his statement about me and my blog.

According to my amazing husband, my environment has changed yet my behavior has not.  There is a super cool word in psychology for this phenomena.  I am not sure what the super cool word is...but I am sure that is not boring and that it is super cool!

What do you do when you feel like you are always wearing the same clothes or the same outfit?


  1. I feel like this a lot! I've been wearing the same cloths since I left for college. Since I too downsized my wardrobe to come here, I have even less clothes. I try to find accent things to make the same shirt look different. (I've given up on having too much variety in my pants). I'll add a scarf, a sweater, or a cute little flower pin.

  2. Thank you Katelyn! My mom emailed me and told me how I sound like a spoiled brat. I am glad that you understand the difficulty of living out of two suitcases!