Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had another fun-packed weekend!  Let me tell you all about it:
I attempted a pic. while going up the lift
On Saturday we slept in (!!!!!) and ate a hearty breakfasted and headed out to meet our friends (edit: I talked about what I was going to wear for twenty minutes and took forever to get dressed.  What do you wear to go skiing when all of your skiing clothes are in America?)  We went skiing with two Korean friends at Oak Valley near Wonju.  Side note: Koreans are really into giving adjectives to the cities in Korea  i.e. Colorful Daegu, Dynamic Busan, Beautiful Gyeonju, and Healthy Wonju.

When we arrived at the ski resort, we got to discover our Korean shoe size (doesn't 250 sound huge!?!?).  After we got all our equipment rented, we headed towards the slopes.  The lines for the lifts were packed!  We waited for 20 to 30 minutes to get to the top.  I learned to ski as a child.  I enjoy skiing, not as much as brother, but it is a nice winter time activity.  After trying out the (only) beginner's hill, I decided that we needed to try the intermediate hill.  The main reason for this decision is that the line was much shorter and there were almost no children in line.
My amazing husband + my not amazing photo skills

Confession: I fell down while we were going down the intermediate hill.  I thought I was going to die or break a bone for about 3 seconds, but I did not thankfully.  When you are an American, you get stared at.  When you are an American who falls down, you get stared at and people point.  Awesome.  I am quite grateful that my amazing husband was there when I fell down.  He did not stare or point at me.  He helped me put my ski back on.  He's a good guy.
I tried to take a picture while skiing...
At 5 pm, everyone had to take a break and the Zamboni of ski slopes did something. (Potentially not the clearest sentence I have ever written.)  Basically some interesting looking machines redistributed and packed the snow.  While this was happening, we ate dinner.  For about an hour after dinner the lines were much shorter and the slopes were less crowded.  We tried a different intermediate hill and it was much more successful.  Eventually I got cold so we ended the day with some hot chocolate while we waited for our Korean friends to finish up on the slopes.  Overall it was a fun day!

I had approximately 5 layers of clothes on

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  1. "He did not stare or point at me. He helped me put my ski back on. He's a good guy." This is my favorite : D