Friday, April 15, 2011

Bob and Mark

Bob and Mark are Ian's co-teachers.  Well, Bob was Ian's co-teacher for 6th grade last year and Mark works in the same office as Ian.  Mark helped us a lot when we first moved here.
Mark is on the left and Bob is on the right

We made dinner for them.  Bob likes American food.

After dinner Mark and Bob tried to teach us to play a Korean card game called, "gostop".

My amazing husband learning Gostop

Bob is nice.  He brought me a present.


I asked Bob to take a picture of me with my cookies.  I said,  "Hey Bob, can you take a picture of me with my cookies?"

Bob said, "Sure."

So I smiled.

Then Bob said to my amazing husband, "Get in the picture too"

I was still smiling.

Then Bob said, "1,2,...




Long pause......

I started laughing.






  1. Awww.... so cute! Did you enjoy the cookies? I'm sure you did. When can we skype?

  2. We shared the cookies with our Bible study! They had COCONUT!!!!!!!!!! It was delicious. We can Skype this weekend if you are free?