Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I refer to my mother-in-law as Momaboma.  She is feeling a little under the weather right now.  I thought I would  give her a shout-out.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to Momaboma.
Yes, I agree with you, she is quite beautiful.
She is in an amazing woman.  Case in point: she survived living in a house with all men for 25 years.  This may not sound like a awe-inspiring feat, but it is.  Believe me.  I ate one meal with my amazing husband (before he was my husband) his twin brother, his mom and dad.  I thought to myself, "how did any woman survive in this environment for such a long time?"  I say this partly joking and partly not. (hahahaha) I love my amazing husband and his family.  But it was a 3 to 1 man to woman ratio before my sister-in-law and I entered the scene.  Let's just say, you could tell.
She has a great sense of humor too!
Also, my Momaboma has a lot of inner strength.  I had the privilege of hearing her testimony last year.  She has withstood struggles in her life with her her head held high and with grace.  She has taught me a lot about living life one day a time and not giving up when life gets tough.  She has shown so many that when we feel weak, Jesus Christ is strong in us.  She is a preserve-er (is that a word?).
Momaboma teaching my amazing husband how to make a paper crane.  I think he had just woke up for a nap at this point in time.  He had some crazy hair.  
I went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park with my amazing husband (when he was my fiancée) and his mom and dad.  Poor Momaboma had teach me about camping life!  She was patient and a good teacher. She also made/folded 1,000 paper cranes for our rehearsal dinner.  She taught me how to make cranes.  Like I said, she is a patient and a good teacher.
The finished product.  Obviously she made this one and I did not.
Momaboma has skillz!  She is a good cook.  She made me the most chocolatey, delicious cake ever for my birthday one year.  It was three tiers and pure chocolate!  She has some really good recipes for roasted asparagus.  I have stolen the recipe from her.  It is so good. She has been married for 30 years.  She is one of my role models for being a good wife.  I feel like it takes skillz to be married that long.  (obviously my father-in-law, Daddio, is amazing as well because it takes two to have a good marriage!) She is a good gardener too.  My in-laws have such a pretty front yard.  On the day we got married, she wore some really high heels.  Ya'll, I think I would have fallen over if I would have attempted those shoes.  You have to skillz to do that.  For real, I found a picture of the shoes.  Check it out.

Can you see those heels?  So high  (:
So here's to you Momaboma.  I hope you feel better soon.  You are a great mother-in-law and an amazing person!

I love you Momaboma!


  1. Kathleen is wonderful, truly the virtuous woman found is Proverbs 31