Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hi, friends.  I am a weird-o.

This is me:  in sweats and a tshirt.  The hubs who is amazing is visiting the DMZ this weekend.  I am home by myself (if you are bad person and now are going to come rob or hurt me, go for it, I have some mean self defense skillz).  Anywho, I am home by myself, guess what I am doing.  Cleaning!  hahahaha.    Who does that?  You are home by yourself...perfect opportunity for painting of the toenails, watching chick flicks, eating food that your beloved does not really care for.  But I clean.  I crack myself up sometimes.

I do have a lot of blog posts floating around in my head.  So once I get done cleaning and organizing, I will sit my derrière down and share with you the excitement in my life.

This is me keepin' it real:  First attempt at the timer on my camera

Second (or tenth) attempt:

If you are thinking to yourself, "self it looks like Alissa has make up on" you are right.  Not really a fan of putting stuff on my face everyday, but I did today.  I had to go to school this morning (yes, it is Saturday morning) and teach a class in front of the parents.  But within 5 seconds of hitting my front door, I was changing back into sweats. 

Question: what do you do when you are home by yourself?

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