Monday, April 4, 2011



Ya'll I have to run a marathon in 5 days.  I am freaking out.  I wish it was tomorrow.  I just want it to be done. 


I just had another freak out moment.  This potentially might be the longest week of my week.  Well, the week of my wedding was actually the longest week of my life. 

bah!  I have to run 26.2 miles, that is 42 km.  bah!

Moving on...I finished reading this "book".  Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is by Ree D, the Pioneer woman.  According to her the story is about, "the bodice-ripping saga of how I met and married my husband. What started out as a few paragraphs turned into a forty-plus chapter online serial, which concludes on our wedding day..."

I really enjoyed reading this story.  I especially liked that the "chapters" were short.  I could take a break at school and read one and then get back to work.  I also like that since this was from the Pioneer Woman's blog, it was free!  You know how I love free.  Thank you Pioneer Woman for writing this story.  It provided me with many hours of entertainment. 

Did you know that I have to run a marathon in 5 days? 

Did you know that yesterday I was making the bed and I was humming?  I like to hum, especially while I do household tasks.  Anywho, my amazing husband chimed in singing.  Minor detail: he started singing a different song than I was humming.  Another minor detail: he thought it was the same song.

Then I sang him the song that I was humming.  He did not know the song!  He did not know it!   Important detail: the song was, "Up from the Grave He Arose!"  How can you be a son of a pastor and not know that song?  How?  We sang it every Easter forever.  It is like not knowing "Joy to the World" sigh.  I am trying to listen to the song right now, but there are some lovely F16s buzzing by (the joys of living 15 ft from an air force base...)

So, there may be an Easter song countdown (I need a more catchy title) coming your way.  I love Easter music!  Love it!  I sing it all during Lent. 

What is your favorite Easter song?    Did you know that I am running a marathon on Saturday? 


  1. Ian has heard the song Up From The Ground He Arose every year but he must have been sleepy from getting up early. Oh well----he has even heard the corny joke associated with the song. "What can you tell me about Jesus after the resurrection? A--He's a rose. What? A -- they say, Up from the ground He's a rose'.

  2. Seriously? I made him listen to the song and he said that he had NEVER heard it EVER! I love the way that he remembers things!