Saturday, April 30, 2011

Momma never....

Binks, you have failed me.  As my mother, you are to teach me how to survive in this world.  In all your teachings, you never taught me what to do when I get served this for dinner:

Yes, that is a whole entire chicken (skin, bones, everything).  One question: How do you dissect a chicken with a spoon and chopsticks?   If you are going to give me a whole chicken, at least give me a knife and a fork (please).  When my coteachers saw me taking a picture, they asked me: "Why are you taking a picture?"  I said, "I have never been served a whole chicken before."  They said, "oh it is not an entire chicken it is a teenage chicken"  Huh?  A whole chicken is a whole chicken regardless of size (in my book.)  Thankfully there was a bowl in the middle of the table to dispose of the bones.  I did a lot of watching other people and then trying to mimic them.  The soup was actually pretty good.   Just a lot of work to get to the meat (in my opinion).

Are you asking yourself, "why was Alissa eating out with her coteachers?"  I am so good at guessing what people are thinking!  Let me tell you.  One of my co-teachers is pregnant and going on maternity leave and there is a new coteacher coming to replace her.  So we went out to eat to say good bye/congratulations to the pregnant co-teacher and welcome to the new coteacher.  (Click here to see what my job is like).  I am a fan of the new co-teacher.  I asked him a question the other day and he replied with, "Yes, ma'am"  First Korean I have met to say ma'am!  You get a lot of brownie points from me if you say sir or ma'am. 

I work with three different co-teachers.  Two of them have been the same since I came to the school in August.  The third one has changed.  Many times.  This (the new one) is the fifth teacher to take the position.  Good thing I am learning to be flexible! 

After reading this post, my mom, Binks, emailed me and said that she would like pictorial proof that I tuck in my shirt.  So here you go Mom:
I was on the verge of running late, hence the half smile

This is me on the way out the door one day this week.  Several things to take note of: 1.) My shirt is indeed tucked in.  I also have a tank top on under my shirt as my school is still cold   2.) The lovely jacket I am wearing I bought here in Korea.  Guess how much it was: 6.30 (US dollars) Cha-ching!  It is missing a button, so I will be whipping out my Caravan skills to sew it back on. 3.) I need to find something to do with my hair.  It still has a little bit of wave from the perm, but not enough to look good.  If you are a hair person, let me know what I should do with it (thank you!)

Question: what do you do when you are served a whole entire chicken?  I am looking forward to the answer.

P.S. Binks, you have not failed me.  I am a functional adult able to survive in this world (:  I'll give you a sticker for it next time I see you.

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  1. Binks emailed me with her response as to how to deal with a whole chicken: "maybe you should keep a fork in your purse for such occasions"