Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black Day

Happy Black Day!  The following days are celebrated in South Korea: 

Feb 14th - Valentine's Day (the girl buys the guy chocolate)
Mar 14th - White Day (the guy buys the girl candy)
April 14th - Black Day

On April 14th, the single people get together and eat jajangmyeon.  I love jajangmyeon!  It is delicious and cheap!  Woo-hoo!  Jajangmyeon is a hard dish to describe.  Koreans consider it Chinese food.  Basically, it is thick wheat noodles covered in a sauce.  The sauce is made from a black bean paste.  Usually this sauce has some vegetables in it too (pieces of onion and carrots) and meat maybe?  It is served hot.  I have heard that jajangmyeon in China is served cold.  
Dish of the Day!
I think the reason that Korean singles eat jajangmyeon on Black Day is because it is a comfort food.  I think it is the Korean form of mac and cheese (not really, but kinda).  

The one thing that I do not like about jajangmyeon is that it is really difficult for me to eat.  I have not mastered the chopstick method yet.  I am working on it.  It is really great that slurping noodles is okay here because I usually slurp quite a bit while eating jajangmyeon (or just take a bite and let the rest of the noodles fall back on my plate).
Believe me: you need some mad chopsticks skills!
If you ever come to Korea, you have to try jajangmyeon.  Do not try the instant stuff, go to a Korean Chinese restaurant and try the real stuff.  It fills you up and makes you feel warm and happy inside!

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