Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

We have had a great Easter Weekend!  Let me tell you all about it!

Saturday morning, I scrubbed our bathroom floor using baking soda (not what you were expecting?)  Let's skip ahead of my morning cleaning tirade and get to the afternoon....

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the orphanage.  We had the monthly birthday party then we taught the kiddos how to dye Easter eggs.  Keep in mind that most of the kiddos are junior high or high school kids.  There are a few elementary school kids, but not many  The children were so interested in the process.  I do believe that every Korean child I have met is a little artist.  They drew on their eggs (with crayons) before dying them.  I drew polka dots.  They were drawing mini-landscapes!  After the eggs, we got balloons out (the kind clowns use) and made balloon creations.  I was no help what-so-ever in this activity.  So I sat by the kiddos and talked to myself (I was talking to the kids, but the kids do not like to speak English, so it ends up being me talking to myself).  I did learn some new Korean words.  The kids are sticklers, they make you say the words perfectly.    The day ended with balloon sword fights (boys will be boys).  The Tall Boy as he is referred to by the kiddos (that would be my amazing husband) got some hugs from the little boys before we left.  It was precious!

These are eggs that the kiddos dyed and gave to my amazing husband

Sunday, we headed to church.  I love Easter Sunday!  Easter is a little bit different in Korea.  It, like Christmas, is just any other day of the year.  Some of the my students do not even know what Easter is all about (so I informed them).  My amazing husband and I got all dressed up for church today!  I wore a dress and he wore a suit.  It was nice.  (keepin' it real: we were late for church...guess it takes us awhile to get cleaned up...)  Anywho, after church, we had lunch.  It was delicious.  One of my favorite parts about the congregation of our church is the diversity.  Part of our congregation lives on the army base, so they have ovens (hallelujah!)  For lunch we had: rice, ham, turkey, broccoli salad, fruit salad, some form of kimchi, jimbang, cake (that was made in the aforementioned oven) and ice cream.  The meal was delicious!  Maybe I already said that.  I love Korean food.  I love American food.  I love eating Korean and American food with friends.
These are dyed eggs from the orphanage kiddos, can you guess which one was dyed by a fourth grader and which I did?

Sunday afternoon = nap.  Not planned, but my body is still recovery for the marathon (Sidenote: for each mile you race, your body needs that many days to recover.  Hence, 26 miles raced, 26 days of recovery).

Sunday evening, we attended a friend's  (I could explain to you how we know the man, but it would be a long boring story, so just know that we are friends with a random Korean family) birthday party.  It was awesome!  There was great food, great people, and the family owns a noribang, so after eating, we karaoke-ed it up.  I personally like to rock out to Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid, but whatever teeters your totter (that is for you, Cat!)  My amazing husband does a great job of singing 7 Nation Army by White Strips.  Let's just say a good time was had by all.

It was so humbling to be invited to this guy's birthday party.  His family was there, his wife's family was there.  And we were there.  The only non-family members.  Out of all of the people they know is Korea, they invited us.  Wow!

I never really pictured Easter being like this, but I won't have it any other way.  There will be plenty of years to come when we can spend Easter hunting for eggs, attending Sunrise services, and eating chocolate bunnies.  But we will always have the "one time when we were in Korea and ended up at the norribang for Easter" memory.


  1. Oh Alissa, I love you :) I'm glad you guys had a great Easter!

  2. Speaking of your recovery from the marathon---you can ask Ian or Cary and the will tell you they are still recovering from a 50-miles hike they did in Boy Scouts.