Thursday, July 14, 2011

And 1 more...

I have a seventh reason to smile.  I just forgot it momentarily yesterday.

7.) Watching people workout (kinda).  Everyday I walk to school I pass a fruit processing plant.  Okay, I actually do not know what the people do.  It is a big factory and it has something to do with food.  Draw your own conclusions.  ANYWHO, when I walk past in the morning, all of the employees are outside standing in lines, stretching in unison.  It is so cute.  It is so Korean.  I feel like if an American company dragged everyone outside for some unison stretching/workout there would be a lawsuit over something.  Or a lot of complaining.  Or a lot of non-compliance.  Or a lot of not stretching.

It makes me smile to myself everyday when I walk past and see it.

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