Monday, July 4, 2011

A free detox!

In case you live in the Northern Hemisphere and have not been outside in the last few months, let me bring you up to speed: It is summer.  Summer is hot.  Therefore, it is hot.  (I was a math ed major in college.  I rock at writing proofs - not!)

Anywho, I have found that when I have to dress professionally for work, my school does not turn on the AC, and I am at school for 8 hours a day, I sweat.  Profusely.

Warning: The next sentence contains too much information, you have been warned.  I sweat so much I have sweat rash.  awesome.  It makes sweating so much more, uh, comfortable?

But I say all of that to say: it is okay folks.  Life goes on.  Whenever I start sweating,  I just tell myself that I am getting a free detox.  I love free!  I love detoxing my body!  What is a better deal? 

I have heard of people paying money to go to saunas so that they can sit in steamy hot rooms to make them sweat.  Since it is monsoonig here currently, I have the steamy and the hot right here.  I think I get extra points because I run in this hot humid "sauna". (In less you are insane like me, I would not advise running in Korea in the summer.  It is deathly, but detoxing)

Basically, I am telling you how I get through my day.  I just keep telling myself to look on the bright side, "I am getting a free detox".

*Disclaimer: I have no idea if sweating actually detoxes you.  I have read that it does and I have also read that sweating does not detox your body.  I do know that positive thinking is good.  I am thankful that I am hydrated and have the ability to freely detox myself all day.  I am thankful that summer does not last forever.  

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