Monday, July 25, 2011

What time is it? It's summer time!

The bad news: it is Monday.  The good news: I only have a one more Monday until vacation!

Friday was the last day of the semester!  So the kiddos are out for the summer.  My amazing husband started summer camp this morning and I will be starting tomorrow.  

One of the last lessons I did with my 6th graders for the semester was, "What will you do this summer?"  I thought about playing this song for the kiddos.  High School Musical is still popular in Korea (so are The Simpsons).

Thanks Google.  
Would you like to know what one of my friends pointed out this weekend?  America has carpet.  Waaaa!  I completely forgot about this.  All the floors in Korea are hard wood.  It has to do with the heating system in the winter.  I might lay on the first carpeted floor I see.  Hopefully it is not in an airport or some other place that would be awkward to see me sprawled out.  

Happy Monday!

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