Monday, July 11, 2011

Monsoon Running

I went for a run on Saturday morning.  It was raining sporks!  About half a mile into the run, I realized that I was already completely soaked.  There are some advantages to running in a monsoon though.  (I ended up running 10 miles, so I made a list in my mind while running).

About 3 seconds after said run (trying to look Bear Grylls-tough)

Pros to running in a Monsoon:
  1.  Most people stay inside when it monsoons resulting in a less crowded running path; also resulting in less people staring at me.  
  2. Your shoes end up really clean.  The shoes I ran in on Saturday have 500+ miles on them; they do not look it at all {post-monsoon run}.
  3. For the most part, the weather is cooler.  Sometimes it is hot and rainy, but it was more like warm and rainy on Saturday.
  4. As a result of number 3 and combined with the rain, you feel less sweaty.  I do not like the feel of a completely sweat-soaked shirt.  However, rain-soaked is much better (in my mind at least).
  5. You feel like you have endured a "Bear Grylls" experience and become a better person for it (or maybe that is just me).

Sometimes the weekend goes the way I think it will.  Sometimes it does not.  Sometimes I forget that I am a control freak.  Then Saturday does not go at all like I planned it to.  Then I remember quite quickly how much I like to be in control. 

Let’s just fast forward to Sunday :)

Sunday went the way I thought it would.  {I returned to my life of denial that I am control freak.}  The hubs who is amazing took me on a date!  I like going on dates on Sunday.  I like going on dates any day of the week.  For those of you who are not married, hang in there!  Dating gets way better once you get married in my opinion (um duh Alissa, everything on this blog is "in my opinion").  I got ready for the date in about 3 seconds and I spent 0 seconds being nervous or second guessing my attire, hair, awkward moments, weird jokes etc.

We went to a coffee shop called Cafe Blooming.  The coffee mugs said, “coffee is delicious communication” on them.  I agree with the coffee mugs.  Chocolate muffins from Costco are also delicious communication.  Coffee shops dates are so fun (and inexpensive).  We did some journaling, talking, planning {read: for America!}, reflecting, and maybe some teasing too.  If you are married and go on a date, try to think of some good date questions.  It is okay to preference a question with "this is a date question".  "This is a date question" is code for "please do not just say Yes or just say No and please indulge me and tell me what coffee creamer flavor you would be if you were a coffee creamer flavor or whatever other weird hypothetical question I am asking".

Two questions:

1.) What are other pros of running in the rain?

2.) What are some date night questions that you like to ask? 


  1. Love those questions! You know me, what flavor of pop tart would you be and why? Ben hates those questions.

    I'm glad you liked running in the rain. It has officially gotten hot here. I went running this morning at 5:30am and it was already 78*F with lots of humidity. Yikes. What I like about running in the rain is really nothing. I like the light rain.

  2. Here's a date night question (or fill in the blank)

    It's now a year from today and looking back you are very glad that we ___________ in the last year.

    Here's a sample answer:

    I'm very glad that we swam at Uncle Bill and Aunt Stephanie's and had Papa Del's and barbecue and s'mores around the fire ring and watched part of our wedding video at the "drive-in theater" in their back yard.

    (That's a sample answer that I just made up ;-)

  3. Sara, I would definitely be brown sugar and cinnamon. I am not sure, it is just my favorite flavor of pop tarts!

    Yikes! It is hot! We have had some lovely "it is 81 and feels like 85" at 5:30am here too! So humid! But winter is coming...eventually!

    Uncle Bill - I so hope we get to come swim, eat pizza, and watch parts of the wedding video! It will be a blast!