Thursday, July 21, 2011

Read this please :)

My running buddy made a list of things that we, waygooks,  do that might seem odd to Americans :)

Click here to read the list

I would like to add to the list:

22.)  I eat garlic straight up now.

23.) I eat onion straight up now.  Or onion in bean sauce: yum!

24.) I hand things to people with two hands.

25.) I bow often (probably like 50 times a day).  I am really hoping that this does not happen in America.

26.)  I talk about money in "thousands" (how much is it?  5,000)

27.) I will definitely say thank you or hello in the wrong language at least once while in America.

28.) I stand up when someone older than me comes in a room (unless I am eating).

29.) I say things like, "We will go first."   "It is good for your health"   "I am so Korean"  "hogwan" "nooribang"  "adjuma"  "jinga?"

30.) I slurp my noodles.

31.) When I get super excited I raise my eyebrows and say, "Waaaaa"  {I am hoping to break this habit about 3 seconds after getting to America}

32.) One can of soda, 5 people?  No problem.

33.) I only like to buy things at the grocery store that have other things taped to the box (i.e. buy a box of cereal with a blanket taped to it or buy a carton of milk with three things of yogurt taped to it)

34.) Korea is the best country in Asia (possibly the world if you ask Koreans)

35.) I have no problem walking to store 20 minutes away, buying groceries and then carrying them home.  (Well, I have a little problem with this when it 500 degrees outside, but whateve)

36.) I will add "eee" to the end of seemingly random words: pageeee, Englisheee, How mucheee?  (this drove me nuts when I came, now I think it is cute)

37.) Speaking of which, everything is cute.  I say cute about 94089509549 times a day.

38.) I will switch out the "f" sound for "p" sound or the "r" for "l" sound and find it hilarious (I crack myself up when introducing myself to Koreans)

39.) I will look over my shoulder when walking on the sidewalk to make sure there are no cars or delivery boys about to run me over.

40.) I can not remember some words in English.

Edit: after making this list there are 4 more that came to mind:
41.) My friend Katelyn said that we use your cell phone, tvscreen, computer, anything with a dark reflective surface as a mirror.  True, true.

42.) I will ask what to do with trash.  Where is your freezer bag for food?  Can I put this in the regular trash? I completely forgot that people in American will throw all of their trash in the same garbage.

43.) If I am walking down the street and I notice a man standing with his back to me or partially hidden behind something, I will most likely avoid him at all costs.  I have developed quite the case of  scared-of-interrupting-men-peeing-on-the-street-phobia.

44.) What do you do with your hands when taking a picture in America?  I can't remember.

And in about 12 days some of you Americans will probably be able to add to the list :)


  1. I CAN'T WAIT! I am driving to the Edwardsville/STL area on Friday August 12. Staying with Michelle that night. Saturday night is the bachelorette party. We are staying in STL. Would you be free Sunday at all? Or Monday? I would oh-so-much love to go to Greenville and hit up Mario's or something like that. If not that's okay. I am driving back up north to Washington after so just let me know when you're free! WEEEEEE!!!!

  2. or Jo's Java for a cinnamon dulce

  3. You should add using your cell phone, tvscreen, computer, anything with a dark reflective surface as a mirror. I never did that in the states, but i do it all the time here!!!