Friday, July 8, 2011


Good ol' Merrimem-Webster gives us the definition of monsoon.  A monsoon is a periodic wind especially in the Indian Ocean and southern Asia 

What?  I always thought monsoons had to do with rain.

So here is Definition # 2 of monsoon according to Merrimem-Webster: the season of the southwest monsoon in India and adjacent areas that is characterized by very heavy rainfall.

Is Korea adjacent to India? Let's just say yes.  See that weather forecast?  Chance of rain for the next 5 days.  I think monsoons are part of the adventure!

Thank you

And just for some fun (because I am all about putting the fun back into dysfunctional...)

A poem for monsoon season

*clears throat*

It is post-June
and we are experiencing a monsoon.

When it is high noon, 
when it is a full moon,
it is raining forks and spoons!

One may say that it is inopportune, 
but he is a buffoon!

Cheery is my tune, 
because I am headed to Cancun!

Okay, I am not headed to Cancun, but it is difficult to find words that rhyme with monsoon.  And, I think I just introduced the phrase, "it is raining forks and spoons" maybe it will become as popular as cats and dogs?

Could we just say, "it is raining sporks" and have the same idea communicated?


  1. To Alissa in Korea,
    Good Afternoon
    This is just merely
    A trial balloon
    I hope you don’t think
    That I am a loon
    When I reply with a poem
    About rhyming monsoon
    With my rhymes I’ll not
    Decorate or festoon
    Or try to be fancy
    Like some kind of tycoon
    (I heard the Olympics
    Will be coming there soon
    You could see them yourself
    If you stayed seven more Junes)
    When I think of how tall you
    Two are in Korea it’s like a lampoon
    You two almost seem like you’re
    Characters in an Anime cartoon
    You could be ‘Lissa, the
    Queen of Christmas Tunes
    And Ian is Dian, the
    Korean Daniel Boone
    (Now I’ve forgotten
    Why I started this rune
    Perhaps I was bitten
    By a rabid raccoon)
    Was it something about
    Trail mix featuring prunes?
    Or Mothra emerging from
    Her magical cocoon?
    (Does Ian like that book
    and movie called Dune?
    Just last week Stan mentioned
    That it ended too soon)
    I guess I should finish
    This crazy tune
    I hope you liked my
    Rhyming words with monsoon

  2. Uncle Bill -! You are way better at rhyming than me! I racked my brain for those that I did come up with! My favorite is raccoon - I did not even think of raccoon rhyming with monsoon! So clever.