Friday, September 16, 2011

Chuseok Weekend

Sir John
We had a great Chuseok Weekend!  Allow me to tell you all about it.  On Saturday, our friends, Kate and John drove to Daegu.
Lady Kate

Yes, waygooks* drive in Korea.  This waygook won't be doing that any time soon, but it was fun to feel footloose and fancy free while riding in their cool new car.  After we went out for some food and showed them our neck of the woods, we headed back to Busan.  After getting back to Busan, the guys played cards (Magic The Gathering) while Katelyn and I ran walked errands.  A good time was had by all :)

Sunday morning we had Cake Batter Pancakes (!!!!!!!) and then headed off to church.  It is such a blessing to hang out with another young American married couple in Korea.  After church and a great lunch (American hamburgers!) we headed to the beach (chuch retreat).  Busan is located on the coast of the Eastern Sea (Japanese Sea?  Korean Sea?  whatever you want to call it).  It was a great afternoon for fun, soccer, playing frisbee, fellowship, and exploring the area near beach.

sand + ocean = beach = fun
Sunday night and most of Monday we learned about Christian worldviews (opposed to other worldviews).  It was fascinating to me.  Worldview takes me back to my college days as a math education major.  In math there are axioms and then there are theorems.  You build theorems from axioms.  Same is true with worldview.  We all have ideas about how (and why) we should live life.  From those ideas life is built.  (It all makes sense in my mind).

Moving on....

Besides sitting on the floor Korean style for 10 hours, we also had time to play games!  I played Sequence, Dutch Blitz, and Rummikub.  Yeah!  I love games.  The church (who was hosting the retreat) also provided us with amazing food.  Pizza, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spaghetti, salad, cereal bars...sigh.  I love American food.


they had coffee from a coffee pot (that is, no instant coffee).  Its the small things in life.

We could see the beach from the retreat place (sah-weet!)
Keepin' it real:  there were mosquitoes, they attacked my feet, ankles, legs, and arms.  We got to experience some sleeping on the floor Korean sleeping arrangements.  Thank you Jesus for our bed.  I promise not to complain about my bed ever again. 

The place where our Korean sitting and sleeping experiences occurred

The retreat finished up on Tuesday around noon.  We headed back to the beach for one last hurrah, then back to Daegu.

I spotted this at the beach right before we left, I guess Sity is the new City?

What a weekend (plus a few week days)!  It was a blast.  I so enjoyed our time.

The only picture I remembered to take of us the whole weekend!


*Have I explained Waygooks before?  Waygook is the Korean word for foreigner.  Small Korean children point at me and say  "waygook seram e-ayo" all the time.  Yes, small child, I am well aware of the fact that I am a foreigner.  So, a waygook is a foreigner in Korea.  There is a special club for waygooks.  We find things hilarious that Americans nor Koreans find funny {case in point, the yogurt adjumas - bahahahaha}.  Move to Korea, you can join the club! 

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