Monday, September 19, 2011

Some tunes for ya'll

I have been meaning to post this super awesome song for you (gotta love k pop).  The gas station we live near is always playing it  when I walk by and my students start singing it when I ask about the weather or what season it is.

Yes Korea really does have a group named f(x).  I love that Koreans love math.  I do not love that Koreans love really, really, really short shorts.  I meant to post this song when it was 90 degrees here, but it cooled off in one day (it is 68 as I write this).  It went from summer to fall in one day.  I hope fall sticks around for awhile.

Another great song for all you unfamiliar with what we listen to everyday is the bagel song (that is what I call it).  Whenever the kiddos want to say "america" they start singing this song.  Here are the lyrics in Korean and it romanization.

I want to go to a coffee shop someday and order using this song.  I wonder what they would do. hehehehe  Just in case you are wondering 10 cm got their name from the height difference between the two guys in the band. 

And this one is the song that I am in love with!

My amazing husband got several of Trip Lee's CDs when were in America this summer.  Sorry Trip Lee, but Hero is the only song on there that I really like.  Even if you do not like rap, listen to it one time and read the lyrics - they are so great.

Now, I will return to work.  Gotta teach the kiddos that it is not acceptable to start singing when people ask you question like, "How's the weather" or "What country did I visit this summer?".   I mean, unless you want people to think that you are cra-gee (that is Korean for crazy).

Peace out girl scout.

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