Friday, September 30, 2011

From Scratch Cooking

My amazing husband and I have been making some foods from scratch this past week!  Some of our cooking adventures have turned out great and some have just been okay. 

Panera's Broccoli and Cheese Soup
Oh man!  I love Panera!  It was one of the first places on my list to visit while were in America on vacation this summer.  The soup turned out great!   I would give it a 8 out of 10 stars and it will be made again (especially this winter).

Cinnamon Rolls
My amazing husband made two batches of these delicious cinnamon rolls!  Thanks Paula Deen.

We made a breakfast casserole in our new crockpot (!!).  It called for hashbrowns.  So we made our own.  They did not turn out quite like American hasbrowns, but they still tasted good in the casserole.  The casserole turned out okay.  I am not sure if we will make it again or not.

Coffee Creamer
I LOVE liquid coffee creamer.  LOVE it.  I may or may not have splashed some into my oatmeal while I was in college.  Korea does not have coffee creamer.  So I made my own.  The recipe calls for whole milk (uh, I live in Korea so I used regular milk - I think it is 2% maybe) and heavy cream (uh, I live in the land of no dairy products - so I used regular whipping cream).  It turned out great!  I'm excited to try different flavors! 

Up next: my journey with a pumpkin - from buying it on a street corner to transforming it into some beautiful (and delicious!)

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