Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Chuseok!

It is Chuseok in Korea!  Yeah!  The main reason that I like Chuseok is that we get three days off of school.  (From August 29th - December 23rd, we get four school days off.   Three of them are for Chuseok - it's a big deal to us.)

If you ask Koreans, they will say that Chuseok is like American Thanksgiving.  I do not think it is the same, but we won't get into that :)  If you want to read more about Chuseok, you can here.

We are going to be spending the weekend with friends!  Last year my memories of Chuseok were: get up, take some medicine (I had a really bad cold) go back to bed, sleep, repeat.  We did hang out with some fun Koreans the day after Chuseok, remember?

We are getting a little Chuseok present that I am pretty excited about.  Can you guess what it is?