Monday, September 20, 2010

Reasons that I love living in Korea

04.07.2011: A little boy brought me some hand lotion today.

04.08.2011:   Me: Do you know where I could maybe find some rain boots?  Co-teachers: well, I don't have any classes this afternoon, so I will look on line for you....

04.11.2011: My rainboots came in the mail today. I love fast delivery service!!!

04.12.2011: The sidepony is alive and well amongst little cute Korean girls.

04.13.2011: On Monday I was craving pizza, we had pizza after school. Today I was craving ice cream, guess who just got done eating some? I love it when people can read my mind and I love Korean snack time!

04.14.2011: the children that use thier rulers while connecting the dots make the math part of my ♥ SO happy

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