Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is church like in Korea?

Americans like to know about church in Korea.

Well, we go to an international (mostly English speaking) church that is on the other side of the city (maybe 45 minutes away).  Our congregation is around 60-80 on Sunday mornings.  I think about 50% of the people that come are Koreans that live here permanently; about 25% are U.S. military families stationed here and the other 25% of us are public and private school teachers (from America, England, Canada, and South Africa).

For the most part, we have visitors every Sunday.  We also have people headed back to the States leave every month.  Thus, there is always new faces to welcome and friends to hug good-bye.

Our pastor is an American who (through military related things) has been here for about 20 years; his wife is Korean.  Our Sunday morning service is in English and most activities throughout the week are in English.

I do not remember what else people ask about church.  If you have any more questions about church in Korea or questions about Korea in general, shoot me an email or comment to this post.

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