Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you like Korean food?

Americans and Korean ask me this question.

Yes, I do.

You should know that I was raised in a household where you ate every/anything you were served.  If you did not like something, you had to take three big bites (Binks was a stickler about the bigness of the bites).  I am 99.9% sure that my children with grow up with the same rules.

I am not a picky eater.  I will eat something even if it is not the best tasting thing.  I have adjusted to eating spicy food.

But Korean food tastes good!  I love my school lunches.  Most foreigners do not like school lunch, but I like it.  Secret: try everything on your tray and then eat in this order: the worst tasting to the best.  Even if you end up eating rice last, at least you end on a high note!

You are guaranteed several items at lunch everyday: kimchi, rice, and soup.  If something does not taste good, mix it with your rice, and you are good to go.

Beyond school lunches, Korean restaurants are awesome.  They serve really good food.

The only type of Korean food that I do not like is weird seafood.  I do not like entire little fish - including fish eyeballs.  I do eat entire little fish though.  The most important part of approaching a meal from a different culture is an open mind.  I have eaten some disgusting sounding meals that have tasted great!

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