Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few more additions...

Here is a real live update from  me!  The video here does not look to be the best quality, I am not sure why.  

Just in case you do not want to watch the video, let me summarize a few main points:
  • I am done with open classes for the semester (hopefully).
  • My amazing husband bought me a new running shirt.  It has sleeves.  Sleeves are a must in South Korea.
  • My amazing husband also bought me a Garmin Running watch! Wootwoot!  For those of you who ran with me in college, just let me admit - I am the new Shanna.  
That is pretty much it.  I was going to laugh out loud, but then I forgot.  Maybe next time.  I know how ya'll love my laugh.


  1. You are too cute.
    Will your watch tell you how to get home if you get lost on a really long run?

  2. Good question! Sadly, the watch does not talk to me. So I think I will have to rely on my great navigation skills.