Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Do you know my Dad?  He looks like this:
Love you Dad!
Now you know him.  Do you know when his birthday is?  It is today.

Happy Birthday Dad!

One of my favorite memories of my Dad comes from when I was little.  

Maybe this little:
I showed this picture to my students.  They thought my Mom was my sister.

In case you can not tell, my Dad is tall.  When I was little, I liked to hold my parents' hand if we were in a public area (I think I was scared about getting lost.)  My Dad's hands were too big for me to hold, so he would just hold out one finger and I would wrap my whole hand around his one finger.

Sometimes I think my Heavenly Father does that for me.  His Hand is massive, but sometimes I think he gives me a finger.  I cling onto that finger with all I am, so I do not get lost.

Hope you have a great day, Dad!  Love you!

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