Saturday, June 4, 2011

Part IV: In 50 years

I really hope that we remember our first anniversary in 50 years!  Technically, tomorrow is our anniversary, but we decided to celebrate a day early.  So we headed to Busan for the day.

Cool Sand Creations!
Two nice coincidences: 1.) June 6th is a national holiday in Korea (which means No School on Monday!) and 2.) Busan just happened to have a Sand Festival on this three-day weekend.

The morning started early for me (I did get to sleep in 15 more minutes than usual).  I had 9.5 more miles to get in for the week.  It was nice to spend some time running and thanking God for our first year of adventure and fun.  Once we arrived in Busan, we headed straight to the beach.

We saw amazing sand creations!  It was fun to walk in the sand and marvel at the talent of the sand artists!  There were also tons of cute Korean children everywhere!  I love watching children, they are so adorable when they are not yours!
I am a creeper, I admit it.  She was just too cute with those pigtails!

After walking through the sand castle exhibition, we made a quick trip into the ocean (only up to our ankles as the water was freezing).  We ate our picnic lunch near the beach.  Beaches just have a fun feeling to them!

Sorry for the crazy hair, it was super windy!
 After lunch we had one of two options, we could try to go find the free Busan Museum of Art OR we could pay 40 buckaroos to visit the Busan Aquarium.  We went for the free option.  Hence we set off on our walk.  I am always proud of us when we find new things in an unfamiliar city in a foreign country.  We did not even have to ask for directions (this time).

I was so glad that we went to the Busan Museum of Art.  It was nice to get inside, out of the sun.  Currently they have a sculpture collection on display.  I am a big fan of 3D art (well, a bigger fan of 3D art than 2D art).  My favorite piece that we saw titled, 0112-1110=1.  It was a piece of burnt wood with nails nailed into, but the end result was a smooth outer-layer.  0112-1110=1 was designed (created?) by Lee Jae-hyo.

Thank you Google Images for helping a sista out.

The best title out of all the art we saw was Sanctify Them By The Truth (by Hong Soon-mo).  Sadly the sculpture did not live up to its name (for me).

How many cats?  Weird (in my humble opinion) cat exhibit at the Art Museum

  After browsing the art (and feeling cultured) we headed back towards to the beach to find some food.  We had decided to try a restaurant (called the Fuzzy Navel).  Ya'll, it



Surprisingly, we got there at a good time, so we did not have to wait very long for a seat or for our food.  In case you could not tell from the name, the Fuzzy Navel is a bar/Mexican Restaurant.  The first eating establishment that I have been to in 10 months that had only foreigners in it.  We went all out for dinner!  We each had a chimichanga and shared a pitcher of mojitos.  (One of the advantages of being married to a Scottish man is ordering pitchers.)  I love chimichangas.  I love mojitos.  I love chimichangas and mojitios.  America, there are days that I wonder why I ever left you and your chimicangas-mojito-serving-restaurants.  I will stop telling you aboutFuzzy Navel, but I think I will remember it 50 years from now.

After our delightfully delicious dinner, we headed back to the train station and back to our happy apartment.  We had a great day reflecting on our first year of marriage, dreaming about the years to come, and sharing some our favorite memories with one another.  It was a good day!

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