Monday, June 13, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend!

This past weekend was so relaxing!  So relaxing, that I have no pictures from it.  Here are so highlights from our weekend:

  • I bit the bullet and got up at 5:40 so that I could get 11 magnificent miles in before it got hot.  I slept into 7 wonderfully late A.M. on Sunday.
  • We got to skype with people in America.  I really look forward to Skyping.  It makes my whole day, especially when it is with my mom and dad.
  • We went to the air-conditioned McDonalds for some chocolate shakes and studying Korean.  I beat my amazing husband at a Korean board game in our textbook!  Rhetorical question: How can chocolate shakes have less calories than the vanilla shake?  I don't know and I don't care...just give me the shake please.
  • We started in on Zechariah at Bible study Saturday evening. If you have any insight into this Old Testament book, please send it our way.  We could use it.
  • I cross stitched and tried to make a tissue paper flower.  The cross stitching went well, the flower...not so much.  But it is okay.  
  • We ate pizza for dinner.  I think that pizza in America does not have corn on it, but I can not really remember, so I am just telling myself that all pizza everywhere comes with corn on it.
  • Sunday was Cake Sunday Pentecost Sunday.  The second Sunday of the month is Cake Sunday.  We celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries for that month.  AND WE EAT CAKE THAT TASTES LIKE CAKE FROM AMERICA, my guess is that it comes from the U.S. military base.  I really look forward to cake Sunday.  We got a bottle of (Dawn!) dish soap for our first anniversary and some cake with purple frosting.  Can I just say that between my amazing husband and I we had 4 cousins graduate from high school this year.  We missed out on so many happy moments with these different families and so many pieces of graduation cake!  But Sunday made up for it (a little).  
  • I finished reading a book that I started last week.  I usually try to ration books and read slowly, but not this one.  I gobbled it up!
  • And I measured our apartment this weekend.  My amazing husband was potentially laughing at me throughout this process.  Math nerds unite!  I want us to remember how large our first apartment was.  Someday we might move into a bigger apartment or a house.  I want to remember where we came from.  Keep in mind that we have had friends come to our apartment and exclaim, "It's so big!". Our apartment is approximately 354 square feet.  Yes, it is big.  Please do not be jealous.  
And I think that about sums it up.  I may or may not have started a countdown for the number of school days left.  It may or may not be 29!

I just proofread this post and realized that is mostly about food.  Bah!  I need to start blogging more about life in Korea and less about food....


  1. Food is at least half (if not more) of life in korea : )

  2. Thank you Katelyn! I hope ya'll have a great week!

  3. I made the same tissue paper flowers this week! Freaky! We had a Mexican fiesta and those were the decorations. And they're not a easy to make as they seem.

  4. Well, I did not have enough tissue paper nor did I have floral wire (or whatever you are supposed to use), but it was okay. A Mexican fiesta...sounds like a blast, especially if your enchiladas were part of it!