Thursday, June 23, 2011

A morning in the life of an EPIK teacher!

I have had a lighter load of classes this past week. So I have become a little restless at school, which only means one thing...more blogging!  Yeah!  Sometimes people ask questions about my life in Korea.  Sometimes they ask what I do.  I know, I know, you have been dying to know what each moment of my day looks like.  I think it would be a little much to cover the whole entire day, so this post will just cover the morning routine.

5:35 A.M.
Wake Up.

5:48 A.M.
Go for a run.  I have really streamlined my morning routine so that I can roll out of bed and be out the door before I realize what I am doing to myself.

6:45 A.M.
Get back from run, make the bed, start making breakfast {really, I walk around and just try to stop sweating}

7:02 A.M.
Eat breakfast. This is my breakfast: oatmeal + banana + honey + cinnamon + dried cranberries + sliced almonds and I drink about a Nalgene of water.  I still usually get hungry by 10:30 at school.

7:08 A.M
Get oatmeal soaking for tomorrow.  Soaking grains is a new adventure for me.  If you have any ideas as how to soak successfully without the oatmeal tasting like glue, I would gratefully accept any help.

7:11 A.M.
Turn on the hot water and take a shower.

7:25 A.M.
Wash the dishes.
This is my huge kitchen.  I wash the dishes here.  

7:28 A.M.
Read the Bible with my amazing husband and pray.  I usually try to sneak a sip of his coffee at this time.

7:34 A.M.
Check E-mail.

7:45 A.M. 
Sweep the apartment.  I always feel very Little House on the Prairie when I sweep.  "A clean house is a happy house" (who said that?)  Sometimes I wipe off the table at this time.  It depends how messy I was eating breakfast.

7:55 A.M.
Turn off the hot water.  Brush teeth.

7:57 A.M.
Get dressed.  {Confession: I am such a messy Bessie! If I get dressed in my school clothes early, I spill something or get toothpaste on myself, or something tragic happens resulting in me needing to change.}

8:00 A.M.
Leave for school.

* Keep in mind this is just one morning of my life.  This is really what I did one morning this week, I carried an index card around with me and wrote the time and activity.  Living in Korea has taught me flexibility!  I do not freak out {now} if I leave for school and everything is not perfect.


  1. I'm just impressed with the length of your runs! After a year of trying to overcome injuries and failing just when I think I'm healed, I finally gave up. At first I was INSANELY depressed, but now that I'm doing light-impact exercise like biking, swimming, lifting, and walking, my husband works out with me every single morning! He about choked when I suggested we run together, but he's more than happy to go on a 3-mile walk. I'm loving the trade-off :)

    As for the overnight oats, here's my standard "recipe" (more like guidelines):
    1/3 cup rolled oats (the rolled = better consistency than quick-cooking)
    1/3 milk
    1/3 cup puree (pumpkin, sweet potato, applesauce, smashed banana)
    1/2 cup "chunks" (chopped apple, banana, berries, whatever's around - frozen works too, just use less milk)
    1 T. vanilla protein powder
    1 T. ground flax seed (key! this adds a nutty flavor, but more importantly, soaks up liquid and gives a great consistency/texture)
    Any other spices/sweeteners that strike my fancy

    I mix all that up and leave it in the fridge overnight to soak. In the morning, I adjust consistency (more milk or oats, depending), then top it all with granola, chopped nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, syrup/honey drizzle, and/or coconut, and of course, a drizzle of peanut butter (I mix about 1 T. of nut butter with a little less than 1 T. liquid = peanut butter sauce!). Deeee-licious, and never glue-like. I don't know how much of that is due to flavored protein powder and flax, though, two thins you might not have access to :/ Either way, hope this helps!

    - Amanda!

  2. AMANDA!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when I saw this! Yes, you must definitely do whatever works best for your body. I also tried to convert the hubs into a runner. I failed. But I go to the gym and lift weights with him sometimes. I like running by myself as it is usually the only time I get to be by myself (well me and the Koreans who stare at me hahahaha!)
    As far as the oatmeal, do you use any acid? I think the problem for me is the lemon juice or apple cider vinegar I add in. I have read that the acid is necessary for breaking down something...if I was in America I could use milk kefir, but I am not, so I use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the help. I miss you!

  3. I know what you mean :) I used to looove my solo runs - I thought so much I started that blog back in the day just to keep track of my "running revelations"! But I'm trying to keep my positive lenses on ;) I'm actually finding myself the converted one - Zach enjoys lifting, and he gave me a tutorial in it, despite my protests that I HATE strength training. Now I love it :) I rarely feel very "hardcore" on a stationary bike, but I do feel pretty awesome when I can tell I'm getting stronger and pushing my limits weight lifting. Definitely no substitute for running, but like I said, I'll take the positives that I can.

    Huh, never heard of needing an acid in the oatmeal. Nope, I definitely don't. All I really need for the base is the oats and milk. Adding additional puree or yogurt makes it creamier and more filling, while the other stuff adds flavor and texture, but if you want to get really technical, oats and milk are all that's absolutely necessary ("milk" includes dairy, almond, soy, rice, coconut - any kind of creamy liquid really). And of course, soaking for several hours, preferably overnight.

    The acid thing might be true for other grains? I'm not sure, sorry! All I know is that with oatmeal, mine turns out doughy and chewy if I add just what I described above :) Granted, I do use rolled oats, not steel cut. That might make a difference, since that hasn't been processed as much. Not sure.