Monday, June 27, 2011

Wordful Monday

One of my pen pals (well, my only pen pal) from Kamp has Wordless Wednesdays on her blog.  She posts a picture of something.  She writes nothing.

I thought about having a wordless Monday. (does not quite have the same ring to it?)  But then I thought you might get the wrong idea.

And we would not want that.

It rained this weekend.  I sat on my bum.  I cross-stitched.  This is how far I got. 

Yes this is dinosaur.  Yes it is on a baby bib.  Please do not ask. But just in case you have that question in your mind: I am not prego.  I do not plan on becoming prego in the near future.  I just like to make cute baby bibs.  And I have some friends that could use baby bibs.  Especially cute baby bibs. 

Happy Monday ya'll!

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