Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Part II: In 50 years...

In 50 years from now, I hope that we remember how quickly things becomes normal.  9 weeks after getting married, we packed up all that four suitcases and four carry-ons would hold and moved to a different country and started jobs that we have never had ever.  So within 3 months I had gone from an engaged American college girl to a married working woman living on a different side of the world.  But within a few months of living here, I would say that life had become normal.  A new normal, but nevertheless normal.

Lesson learned: Cherish life.  Take in the special moments.  Do not get wrapped up in the daily grind.   Set up good habits and they will become part of your normal.

Some habits that I have found helpful (thus far in our marriage) are praying together, date nights, tickle fights, taking time to have heart to heart conversations, surprising your favorite someone with a gift (or a handmade card), going on an adventure, holding hands, and laughing as much as you want.

I like to laugh.  It makes life more fun!

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