Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In 50 years...

On Sunday, my amazing husband and I will have been married for 365 days!  Woohoo!  Yeah for us.  After our great first year of marriage, I thought I would write myself some notes, things I have learned in the last year that I hope will be still a part of our lives/marriage in 50 years.  So here we go...

In 50 years (*see below) I hope that I am still biting my tongue on the way to church.  For the most part, my amazing husband and I do not fight/ disagree/ quarrel  (whatever you wish to call it).  But I noticed that every Sunday on the way to church, we would end up disagreeing over something.  Usually something pretty insignificant.
After this happening four weeks in a row, I heard a little ding, ding, ding in my brain.  Duh!  I bet it is Satan.  Now, I am not usually a spiritual warfare type girl, I like to own my bad decisions and not pass them off on Satan.  But we would go all week without a single disagreement and then on the way to church, we would disagree and I would end up at church angry, not listening to half of the sermon because I am justifying my anger in my mind (real mature Alissa).

Lesson learned: Satan is real.  There is nothing he would rather do than come in between my amazing husband and I on the way to church or when we sit down to read the Bible together, or when we pray together, or...

So I hope in 50 years, I remember this important lesson and I am socking it to the devil by resisting a quick harsh word and instead offering a kind word or take a moment to pray.

 I am a big love is... fan!  The comics are so cute!

**I would just like you all to know that I am really looking forward to being 73, I will finally not have to give excuses for my life: I can go to bed early, go to the mall early in the morning just to walk around, crochet blankets to my heart's content, play bingo, eat rhubarb (my amazing husband says only 80 years old crave rhubarb), read cookbooks, and change my name to Hazel (I like my name now, but I think after age 70, I will just start telling folks that my name is Hazel.)


  1. I think it's a bad sign that you are already deciding how you are going to lie to people in your old age : P I can totally see my crazy grandma saying something like "oh, they all think my name is --- because that's what I told them" just for kicks and giggles.

  2. One question: what sounds more grandma-ier? Grandma Alissa or Grandma Hazel? Yeah, that's what I thought too :)

  3. The enemy is active on Sunday mornings---and while I am also not big into blaming the enemey for my sins or shortcomings the enemy does enjoy helping us along his way. I sometimes say that I think gravity has a stronger pull on Sunday mornings---making it seem harder to get up than on any other morning. We really enjoy your blog but could use a reminder when you post a new one by your noting it on facebook---we can forget to look for a new post without such reminders. We love you.