Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Hi friends!  We went to see a Daegu Baseball game with our friend Tina today.  It was  fun experience.  The Daegu Samsung Lions played the Busan Lotte Giants (I am not sure about the name of the Busan team...sorry Busan)

First Korean Baseball game with my amazing hubs!

Things to know about going to a Korean baseball game:
1.) Pray that a Korean on the bus will help you get off at the right place, walk in the right direction, help you buy tickets, and point you in the right direction of the entry gate.  I was not anticipating this kind Korean, but he was so helpful.  Thank you, Jesus, for helping us out! 

2.) Get there really, really, really early.  This is the way ticket sales go in Korea.  Get to the park. Buy your ticket.  Good luck finding a seat.  It is a first come, first serve basis (a.k.a no assigned seats).  So the earlier you get there, the better chance you have finding a seat.  Side note: just because you buy a ticket, does not ensure you will get a seat.  If they fill up, you are out of luck and just have to stand in the back.
The view from our seats (we were in the outfield)

3.) In Daegu, one baseball ticket costs the same price as a haircut (or at least the same price as my haircut).  Ready for the price?  $6.47 US dollars per person.
This is our friend, Tina.   So glad she came with us!

4.) Bring fried chicken and chopsticks.  I am not sure why, but that is what all the Koreans did.  We took PB and honey sandwiches.  They do not check your bags, so you can bring in whatever you want!

close up of the air-balloon things

5.) Bring those balloon-stick things.  Super popular among Koreans.  Koreans really like to cheer and hit the air stick things together. 
Do you see all that blue?  It is Koreans with their air-balloon things!

5and a half).  Try to learn the chants.  The Daegu-ans (the Daeguites?)  had a chant for each player on their team.  So when it was the Lions' turn to bat, the crowd would cheer for the entire half of the inning.  I thought it would only last for a few moments, but they were still going strong in the seventh inning (we potentially left early).

6.) Try to get seats near a Korean family so that way if you get tired of watching the game, you can stare at cute Korean children.  But you have to get there early (See #2)
How precious is that?  No, I do not know this little girl.  Yes, I am creeper.  But she was just too cute!

7.) If the people start chanting (see number five and a half)  "knock home run" (I think that is what they were saying?), join in!  It is awesome when you are chanting, "home run" and then one is hit!

I think that is it!  I would totally suggest going to a baseball game if you live in Korea!

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