Saturday, May 7, 2011

A week in review

I think this is my 100th blog post!  Sorry, no giveaways and no 100 lists.  But I will give you some trivia: Can you guess what I took with me to kindergarten on 100 day?

I am a little behind on posts, so let's rewind to last Sunday.

Hello Pohang!

My amazing husband was visiting the DMZ.  So I decided to do some traveling of my own.  I visited Pohang, a city about 60-90 minutes from Daegu.  I believe that there is a US Marine base located there.  Thank you Marines for serving our country!  You guys and gals rock!  Pohang is also the birthplace of the current president of South Korea.  Pohang is located on the coast.  We got to see the East Sea.  It was a fun day at the beach.

There were many a picture taken.
Pohang is known for its crabs, sushi, and other types of seafood.

This is the first sea creature tower that I have ever seen

On Thursday, we had the day off of school (for Children's Day!) and it just happened to be our 11 month wedding anniversary (gotta celebrate the small victories!).  So we headed to Daegu Arboretum for a picnic lunch.  Ya'll, my new favorite holiday is Children's Day!  I love this day!  Here is what happens.  Children get a small present (popular this year: bubble gun, fairy wings, a cool hat etc.) and then the parents spend the day with their kids.  How great is that!?!  It seems that there is more of an emphasis on spending time together rather than buying the perfect/big/expensive gift.  love it!

Cute Korean children!

The Arboretum is a little bit of a walk (20 minutes maybe) from the subway.  But it is worth it.  Plus you burn off that brownie that you may have eaten.  My amazing husband and I spent more time pointing out cute kids to each other than the time we spent pointing out pretty plants - that's how we roll!  It was a great day!  If you live in Daegu, check out the Arboretum at least once.

The hubs

Answer: Nails.  I took 100 nails to kindergarten duck taped to a piece of cardboard.  I was a weird kid.

One last pic from the Arboretum

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