Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unnoticed Blessings

4So sometimes I have free time at work.  And for the most part, I have unlimited internet access.  Let's just say I am well acquainted with "moms who homeschool, eat natural foods, cloth diaper their babies, and blog".  Sorry Moms if that offends you, but I think it is a good description.  Can I just say that I am blessed?!  I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed my children.  When I clean the kitchen, it stays clean, it is not instantly filled with messes from little ones.  And most of all: I do one load of laundry every 10 days.  Yes it is true.  I have read so many blog posts about laundry schedules.  Some moms do two loads a laundry a day.  That is 20 times more laundry than I do!  I am so blessed that I do not constantly have to be worrying about who has clean laundry and who has dirty laundry, etc.

I am also blessed that I can clean our whole apartment in about an hour (that is if I am going to sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, and scrub the stove area).  I usually spend about 15 minutes a day cleaning. 

Maybe (by maybe, I mean hopefully) someday I will have a bunch of kids and will do 20 times more laundry and have a cleaning schedule for the rest of my house, but for now, I feel blessed.  I have learned to be content with a pot, a pan, two burners of my stove, no oven, no dryer, and counter space that is the size of pizza box :)  

Thank you Lord for the unnoticed blessings of simplicity.  

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