Monday, May 30, 2011

wish list

I crack myself up.  I am also a freak.  My momma (Binks) asked what we wanted for our anniversary.  After thinking for a few hours, I have come up with my list:

1.) A butter measurer. The butter here comes in a huge cube (think four sticks of butter morphed into one).  Or it comes in sticks (like America) but the sticks do not look to be the correct proportion to me.  There are no measurements on the wrapper of butter.

2.)  A mini clothes lint thingy.  This cuts the lint balls (good description?) off of your clothes.  If you have never used one, go find one and buy one.  It is great!  It is potentially fun to use as well.  And it makes your clothes look better.

So that is it.  Both items are small and easy to ship.

p.s. Binks, please still send the sheets

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