Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ya'll, yesterday was a great day!  My amazing husband's uncle, cousin et al. sent us a great care package!  Yeah!  This care package contained many wonderful and exciting things.

1.) Our Wedding DVD!  I have been waiting for this for the last 11 months and 6 days!  The main reason for my anticipation is that guests at our wedding were able to give us advice.  However, we did not get to see or hear this advice until last night.  It was so great to see smiling faces of family and friends giving us great pieces of advice!  Maybe for our one year anniversary I will share with you some of the more "creative" pieces of advice we were given.  To say the least, I laughed, cried, and cried because I was laughing so hard.  We are so, so, so blessed with awesome friends and fam!  We love you all!  I also now the perfect antidote for homesickness!  Thank you Uncle Bill and Cousin Don for all of your hard work.

My morning snack before
2.) Yumminess!  There were cranberries, glazed pecans, almonds, and mini chocolate chips (remember?).  Oh man!  I was so happy.  I potentially made a big ol' bowl of mixed wonderfullness!  I can not wait for snack time at school today!  It is going to be great!  And, we also got some caramels from Gram!
(Okay, maybe she is not my Gram, but she is my amazing husband's dad's brother's wife's mom...but that is quite a title, so we just stick with Gram).  Sidenote: I say caramel like Koreans now.  car(like the vehicle)-uh-mel.  I also say the phase, "take a rest".  End of sidenote.

3.) New clothes! I was so excited!  Yeah!  I love expanding my "two-suitcases" of clothes (remember?).

Every time, we get a care package from America I think to myself, "self this is the best care package ever!"  But I really do think that this was the best care package ever!  Thanks again to the Uncle Bill clan!


  1. A side note on the care package. The post office told me to keep it under four pounds, otherwise it had to go "Priority Mail" ($$$). So I first set aside one of the shirts Lauren and Kinzie had selected. (It's waiting for Alissa's return to Tolono.) Then I weighed the box on our fancy digital kitchen scale. Perfect! So off to the post office. It weighed in officially 0.1 ounces (one-tenth of an ounce!)too heavy. That's 2.8 grams. A penny weighs 2.5 grams. No sympathy from the postal clerk, so back home I went to repack. I removed a single caramel. (It's Gram's birthday today!) I "tested" the caramel to ensure it was good ;-) and repacked the box. Now it was under four pounds. And 11 days later you got the box.

  2. Thank you for your perseverance in shipping our package! We appreciated each and every item that fit under the 4 lb limit!