Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you ask a Korean for water....

I went for a "long run" today with my American running partner.  We thought about going 10 miles, but then decided on 9.  It was so hot.  We spent mile 7 talking about how thirsty we were.

There is a running club (I don't actually know too much about it).  Anywho, every Saturday at 9am they have a little race down by the river.  Sometimes, we see them when we are running.

Just to clarify.  It was hot.  We were really thirsty.  So we decided to stop (at mile 7.78) and see if we could get some free water from the tent of the running club people.  As we neared the tent, we noticed cups of water (to our great joy!).  We asked if we could have some.  They said yes.  Then they started offering us makkoli.  We said no in English.  We said no in Korean.  They kept offering us makkoli (I am not sure how to actually spell makkoli.  Whenever people say "makkoli" I think of broccoli.)  Do you know what makkoli is?  Let me tell you:

Rice wine.  Or at least that is what they say it is.

I know this will come as a great shock to you all, but I am not a fan of makkoli.  I really do not enjoy drinking it at all.

So there we were, drinking our water, with old men asking us (over and over again) if we wanted some makkoli.  Just about the time that I thought we were going to make it older man approached me with a bottle and a cup.  Yup, I "got" to drink a cup of makkoli (which totally cancels out the water I drank).

And then...

As we were walking away from the tent (obviously leaving...) a man came after us and fed us kimchi using his chopsticks.  I love eating food that other people are feeding me.  (yes, yes, yes, I know: not good, not bad, just different).

If you give a mouse a cookie...(do you know that story?  It is a good one!).  If you ask a Korean for water, you will get makkoli and kimchi too.

And you have to finish your run with makkoli/water/kimchi all amalgamating together in your stomach.  But we finished!  First 9 miler since the marathon!

Note to self: Self, next time bring some water with you.

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