Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#4 Little Town

Hey ya’ll.  Well I am at school bored out of my mind.  My amazing husband says that he never gets bored.  I do.  I have things to do (facebook stalk, listen to sermons, catch up on email, read, cross stitch,, and prepare for my English Camp in a few weeks); however I can only sit at my desk for so long.  I can also walk around the school only so many times.  Oh well.  I will stop complaining now.  I am listening to my christmas carol countdown via youtube right now.  I started at #15 and have listened to the songs on the countdown (some of them twice). I am getting close to today’s song.  Maybe it will be here by the time I finish.

Christmas Carol Countdown #4: Little Town
This is a song by Amy Grant based on the traditional, “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”.  At least I think it is by Amy Grant.  She is the first person I know to sing it.  I think it is a great song, mainly because it completely takes me back to childhood.  I think I danced to this song in the living room near the Christmas tree (only when no one was around).  As a little girl, I also thought that this was the perfect song to use if I ever became a professional ice skater (I ice skated for the first time in my life when I was like 20).   I like the sleigh bells in this song.  What is Christmasier than sleigh bells?  (Note: I wrote “more Christmasy” in the previous sentence and Microsoft Word changed it to Christmasier).  My absolute favorite phrase this Christmas is “Emmanuel, God with us.”  And this song has that phrase in it. 

One nice thing about desk warming is that I can be on Facebook during the morning here which is evening hours in USofA.  I got to chat with a good college friend this morning.  We were both math ed majors, bakers, and runners (check out her Christmas Cookie blog by clicking here).  I love talking to friends in America. 

Well time to get back to my book :)  Hint: the next song is a two for one!  Can you guess what two songs they are?

P.S.  Here is an updated pic of my with the curly hair.  It has been less curly as time goes on, but it still fun!

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  1. Awww... I loved talking with you too! Maybe we can do it again soon? Miss you!