Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top Ten!

Ahh the beginning of the top ten countdown! Currently I am listening to a Mark Driscoll Sermon. I like him A LOT. He is a great preacher. He has great sermons. You should check him out. Listen to a sermon. He is funny too :)

Christmas Carol Countdown #10: When Love Came Down
This a song by Point of Grace. I think that this is the perfect song to play while decorating the Christmas tree. It basically talks about Love (Jesus) coming down (from heaven) at Christmas time. What could be a better song? It is also a pretty song.

In life outside of Christmas music, my amazing husband and I are really close to finishing up our Christmas shopping! Living 7,000 miles away from home means no Christmas Eve shopping hahahaha.

Also, my grandma passed away yesterday. I wanted to share a happy memory that I have with her. She had an Oldsmobile and a tape cassette that came with the car(It said Oldsmobile on it AND it was in the glove compartment, what is more official than that?) So one day when we were driving we (I think it was my brother) put it in to listen. It had a song, "Africa" on it. A song from the 80's by Toto. I had never heard the song before. For whatever reason, it struck me as REALLY funny. I laughed really hard for a long time. If you know me, just imagine me laughing as hard as I can :) Even as I was retelling the story to my husband right now, I could not finish the story because I started laughing so much. Every time I hear the Africa song (which admittedly is not that often) I remember that time that I laughed so hard in Grandma's Oldsmobile!

Hint for number 9 1/2: It is perfect Christmas mall music!

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