Monday, December 6, 2010

A day of firsts and #13

Did you guess?  Were you able to figure out my hubby's fav Christmas song?  Considering that my amazing husband is NOT a fan of Christmas music, it would be hard to correctly guess.  It is Mary's Boy Child.  If you are not familiar with it, then I suggest you go visit my in-laws and find the Baptist Church in their town.  Every year, there is a community Christmas concert and every year I have attended, there has been these really awesome singers from the Baptist Church that sing Mary's Boy Child.  I think you have to tap your foot or bob your head when you hear the song.  It has a fun beat to it.  We were playing it in our apartment this morning while we were getting ready for school - great start to our day!

So today I had a couple of firsts.  I encounter my first Korean food that I could not eat...I could not even try it.  Most food I can at least try, but not today!  The food was: fish eggs.  We had fish egg soup.  They were in huge clumps and it just looked so yucky.  I have been a trooper when it comes to Korean food.  I eat kimchi five or six times a week, I eat seaweed often (in all its form) I eat fish heads, fish skin, fish eyes (when they are part of the fish).  I even ate fish bones before I learned how to fillet a fish using my chopsticks and spoon.  I ate makchan (cow intestine) and octopus.  I feel like I have really embraced the culture when it comes to food, but fish eggs is where I stop.  I told myself that it was all mental.  I have resolved the next time we have fish egg soup, I am going to try it :)  But I am going to break it up into little pieces instead chunks o' fish eggs.

Speaking of food, I concede.  I openly admitted today (for the first time) that I am addicted to Korean corn dogs.  Think of an American corn dog, now add two layers of breading, roll it in sugar, and add some ketchup.  There is a stand right outside our gym, directly on the way back to our apartment. (sigh)  I am addicted!  My amazing husband has gotten me hooked on them. If you ever come to South Korea, try the vendor food - all of it is amazing!

Oh yeah, I also chatted on-line for the first time today with my amazing husband.  We talked on the phone ALL the time when we were dating, we wrote letters and emails, but we never chatted.  It was really fun because he types just like he talks.   I know, you are amazed at the details of my exciting life.  hahahaha

One more first.  Today was the first time I took home-made food to school with me.  I take store bought food quite often, but I never have taken food that I made.  I was really nervous, but I needed to get the mocha truffles out of our apartment before I consumed them all.  (Did I tell you that I made mocha truffles?  They turned out wonderfully - way prettier than the cookie dough OR oreo truffles)  Anywho, my teachers loved them!  I was so relieved.  Now I know whenever I feel like trying out any other recipes, I have guinea pigs.

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