Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night Tradition and #8

Another moment of honesty: I did not even like this song at the beginning of this Christmas season! I think I have some repressed memories of practicing this song waaay tooo many times for a piano recital at some point in time in my early childhood. I have the same emotion towards Up on the Rooftop and Jingle Bells. I am not particularly fond of these songs.

Christmas Carol Countdown #8: Joy to the World
So you may be asking yourself what changed my opinion of Joy to the World. One name: Naomi LaViolette! I downloaded some of her music from Noisetrade (for free!) this Christmas season. I love this violin piano rendition of Joy to the World. It is beautiful! I love to listen to this song as I wash dishes or sweeping our apartment. I can listen to this song over and over and over again.

Last semester when I was student teaching I began a Friday night tradition. I go to school, come home, go run, and then come back home, put on my sweats or jammies, eat a bowl of cereal for supper (I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast so eating cereal is a treat!) and watching an episode of the Biggest Loser on-line, then go to bed early. I look forward to this tradition each week. I love it. This Friday is no different than any other Friday. Work out done, sweats on, and cereal eaten. I am going to watch episode 7 of the Biggest Loser season 10 as soon as I get done writing this.

Today at school was special. Tomorrow is my birthday so my co-workers bought me a cake and some lotion. One of my co-teachers called the radio this morning and they announced my birthday on the radio :) how precious is this? I think I will always remember them singing Happy Birthday to me. It was really sweet. It was so thoughtful of them. So it was a good birthday eve. I can not wait for tomorrow. I already know that my amazing husband is going to make me French toast. I think I will be starting my day with an 8 miler. We’ll see how that goes hahahahaha

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