Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Song!

Moment of Honesty: I am not sure if this next song is actually a Christmas song or not. BUT it is on Amy Grant’s Christmas Album so that makes it Christmasy right?

Christmas Carol Countdown #8 1/2: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

This song was originally written by Bach, but as you might guess my favorite version is the one from Amy Grant. It is awesome. You should check it out. This song will forever have sentimental value to me. This is the song that was playing when I walked down the aisle to get married! (I actually do not remember much about walking down the aisle other than the seeing my hubby’s face hahahhaha) I found out in the weeks leading up to my wedding that my parents and my in-laws also had this song as part of their wedding ceremony. It was my little secret that I got to walk down the aisle to Christmas music.

Funny story: during rehearsal, my dad and I got to the end of the aisle waaaayyyy to early! We just stood their and waited FOREVER! So I guess the next day, he kept telling me to slow down, but I do not remember that part.

Today was a really fun day at school. I got to teach my kiddos about Christmas and make Christmas cards. I also gave them some chocolate because we have way TOO many Hershey’s kisses in our house right now. I still have a whole bag left after giving my 120 kiddos two pieces each. Some of my students thought that Rudolph was Bambi – that gave me a good laugh!

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