Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Even though I am done with my Christmas Carol Countdown, the song title "Let it Snow" best describes this post. It finally snowed last night!  We were at Christmas party with some friends when it began.  I would guess that only about an inch or so accumulated.  That does not seem like very much to me, but some people (from South Africa) say that it never snows where they are from.  On our 10 minute walk to the subway station after the shindig, we watched two cars loose control (and hit the curb) and another actual collision.  I realized that Koreans are not used to driving in the snow AND there are no snowplows or salt spreading vehicles so the roads were slippery.  Sadly most of the snow is melting today.  I hope that it snows again this winter.  Another funny thing to me is that there are no snow shovels, so I saw many people sweeping the snow this morning.

So my mom mailed me some cross stitching kits for my birthday.  I brought them to desk warming with me because I have nothing else to do.  Anywho, one of my co-teachers stopped by to eat lunch with me (Koreans think it is sad if you have to eat by yourself - the whole group culture thing).  She wanted to see what I was working on, so I showed her.  She said, "what an exotic house!"  I chuckled to myself.  I  guess it does look different than most houses and buildings here.
The "exotic" house

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